From Prime Time Boxing in Sacramento, CA

Our live stream workouts are only available for current members. We are working hard toadd a beginner level live streams. 

Most of our live stream workouts are 45 minutes long and will teach a combo othe day while also taaking you through conditioning exercises and weight training. All workouts can be used with body weight or weights (if you have them!)


“I have been doing workouts at home based on what I have learned in the gym. It wasn’t until the Virtual Class with Primetime that I actually sweated like I was back in the gym! I had a blast seeing the others workout at the same time and having Coach Adrian call us out to fix form or keep going was the little bit I needed to really push myself to the next level.  I am not missing a class, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Katy J.

“Working out with Adrian over Zoom is awesome. He brings the same energy to Zoom that he has in the gym. What I need most from my workouts is accountability, actually showing up and not slacking off, so knowing the camera is always on me definitely keeps me working! I can’t wait to get back in the gym, but in the meantime I’m looking forward to these Zoom classes every week!”

Molly P.