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the Process

Everything starts with a need. We have found that all companies large or small have something they need regarding their web presence. They come to us to fill their void.

When a company comes to us for help, something inside their brand is missing.  It often causes a lack of followers, patrons, and a decline in their company’s numbers. Some companies are simply needing to be established through current tech- media and socialization.

At CoDi Digital our resources and ideas will bring your company current and make you relevant. 

Time Management

The first step in our process is the prioritization of your project’s needs. Within a few weeks, we will have your company on its way to success.

User Testing

Not all devices or social platforms are alike. Our development team will test your user experience across the board to assure the success of your company.

Market Research

Because we like to get an edge on the competition, we stay on top of the industry leaders to help your company be part of the race to the top.

Team Collaboration

We are solid.  Our team works tightly on your brand and puts forth an united package of ideas for your strategy.

Product Features

Let us help define the benefit of your business to its consumer. A Product Market Strategy will complete the process of your company’s appearance, competency, and possibilities.


Minimal Design

Responsive Methodology

Creative Idea

Meet our team of creatives. Each of them offers their unique perspective to every project. Because of this, they work cohesively to accomplish a full-spectrum of ideas that brings out their client’s best potential.


Steve Colby
Heather Colby
Katelyn Diana


Web Design     Branding     Social Media     Video Strategy  Photography    SEO

Steve Colby

Steve Colby

Video Marketing Strategist

Heather Colby

Heather Colby

Director of Business Development

Katelyn Diana

Katelyn Diana

Creative/Social Director

User Experience Research

Yes, all companies, products, and online experiences evolve from their behavior to their users. Because of this, we become aware of your needs and can produce change through UX Research.

Brand Redesign

Let us press the refresh button on your brand. Don’t “move to trash” your product, ideas, or concepts. We can recycle them and make them better than before.

Web Development

How are you seen on the web? Do you have a web presence? What is your main goal for your website? These are a few of the questions our creative team will ask to get your brand recognized and competitive.

The numbers

…don’t lie. We have calculated the averages of our clients and are proud that our work for them is effective and with proven results.

A monthly analysis of our designs and content aids in the proper adjustments.


  • Conversion Rate – 90%
  • Return Users – 77%
  • Social Following – 85%

Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

All Nighters

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Kick-start your brand with a new you!  And, kick back at the same time.

Our business is your business.

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